Raised in a family of gearheads, Bryan West always knew he wanted to work on cars for a living. Even as a young boy, Bryan would take apart his bicycle and put it back together, modifying it, trying to make it better and faster. In his early driving years, Bryan spent his free time getting his first car, a 59 Ford truck, up and running. When faced with the choice of walking or fixing his “rust bucket,” Bryan loved the fixing!

Bryan West Owner

“Everyone knows when you love what you do, you are usually very good at it. So it was logical that I could help people by pursuing my passion.” – Bryan West, owner

In 2007, Bryan decided to open his own shop. From humble beginnings sharing a 4-bay building with a muffler shop, Professional Auto Repair has grown into its own 6-bay building with 4 mechanics.

At Professional Auto Repair, we serve you the way we would want our family served. We take the time to educate you, our customer, about your vehicle so that you can make the decisions that are best for you and your family. Some repairs are needed immediately for safety reasons or to avoid more costly problems, and others can wait until a more convenient time. We want you to understand all of the options available to you!
If you have any questions about your vehicle or want to schedule an appointment, stop by, give us a call at 256-259-2484, or fill out our online appointment form!
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